Rotary 8-12

The World Cup model 8-12 is an eight pocket rotary machine capable of up to 40 indexes per minute. The system is typically equipped with a cup denester, filler, pre-diecut placer, heat sealer and discharge station. Fillers for liquids and dry products are available. Additional details and configurable options are listed on the Specification Sheet.

Container size: Maximum diameter of up to 3.18” (81mm) with a volume of up to 8oz (226g). The container can be almost any shape.

Applications: Thin to thick liquid products including but not limited to chunky sauces, spreads, beverages, dairy, cosmetics, medical, personal care supplies and dry products including granular products.


Container Size:1 oz – 8 oz ( 28 – 226 grams ) up to 3.18″ ( 81 mm ) maximum diameter, most any shape
Fill Speed:Variable speed up to 40 indexes per minute
Product fillers:Choice of liquid, dry, auger type, pocket filler, multiple head scale, piston type, peristaltic pump
“Tamper Evident” Heat Seal:Pre-diecut foil placed and sealed
Pre-diecut film placed and sealed
Floor space:Compact design, small footprint
Electrical Service:Standard 120 volt / single phase / 60 Hz
Safety:Machine guarding with interlock doors
Quick Change-Over:For various size containers
Warranty:One year on material and workmanship


  • Pre-die cut Foil or Pre-diecut film
  • Additional Size Change Parts
  • Accumulation Table
  • Rotary Pack-off Table
  • Sanitary Conveyor
  • Jacketed Hopper
  • Stripping valve
  • Bottom Up Fill with or without Spin
  • Hopper Agitator